Early Learning Centre

At the Kilvington ELC, our focus is helping children to develop into independent thinkers. Our students learn how to solve problems, reflect creatively and communicate effectively and confidently within a nurturing, safe and inspiring learning environment.

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Our students are taught by warm, caring and highly qualified early years’ teachers who carefully develop each individual child’s knowledge, skills and attitude by guiding their development through intentional teaching practice, along with active inquiry and discovery learning opportunities.

Exceeding National Standards

In 2022, Kilvington's Early Learning Centre has been awarded an ‘Exceeding’ standard by the Department of Education and Training for all seven quality areas governed by the National Quality Standard (NQS).

Exceeding the National Quality Standard (NQS) means going above and beyond what is expected for a standard.

This outstanding result is due to the hard work, commitment and passion of Kilvington’s ELC staff, and the School’s recognition of the profound impact early learning has on a child’s educational and personal development journey.

Within the nurturing and inspiring environment of our ELC, a focus on the development of the whole child equips them for future learning in a Junior School setting. We offer two, three, four and five-day programs. 

While government regulations allow children to turn three by the 30th of April during their entry year to an early learning program, we believe the best outcome for your child’s development and wellbeing is to commence their early learning program as a three-year-old (three by the end of January).

Contact the Director of Admissions for further information and securing a place for your child on 03 9578 6231 or admissions@kilvington.vic.edu.au

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